Nirmala Reddy Maramreddy


She is the Managing Director and currently heads the company and is based at the headquarters in Bhubaneswar. She is just 38 years and an MCA from Madras university, Chennai. She comes with a wide 20+ years IT industry experience who has worked with many IT companies and is credited to have successfully managed both development and project executions with due credits.

Ms. Sushri Sangita Mishra


The Promotor and Executive Director of the company graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree in Economics followed by Master’s Degree in Business administration. He is having rich experience in Business Management and Operation.

CA. Dillip Kumar Mishra


He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India, the Executive Director heading the Finance of the Company. Currently, he is a Partner in SB Samanta and Co, Chartered Accountants. who has an enriching industry experience of 13+ Years in Chartered Accountant profession. He was the Gold Medalist in his batch, he is also a prolific speaker, writer and contributor in various Fora, having specialisation in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance and expertise in financial services, Accounting, internal audit and Risk Management etc.

Suresh Reddy Maramreddy


An IT and digital marketing expert who is very successful yet a very humble professional. He is the person to choose when you think of any innovation in digital marketing. So, the clients always prefer assigning him the contracts without any second thought. Mr Reddy is just 41 years and an MCA from Rai university international, Delhi and comes with an enriching experience of 22+ years in IT and digital marketing arena. He is the director- Technical and currently heads the team in day to day operations.

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